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Home systems and appliances protection

Home Warranty Guys home warranty covers major home systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. This includes central heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, and major household appliances. You do not have to worry about your home systems and appliances wearing out since Home Warranty Guys will cover for all the cost needed to repair the appliances and home system without you having to pay any charges.


Save money

Unlike other home warranty companies that only help during disasters, you are almost guaranteed to use your home warranty. Home Warranty Guys home warranty helps you avoid the cost and stress of repairing or replacing home appliances and systems that will inevitably break down. You can save so much money that you would be using to repair your home appliances and systems by choosing Home Warranty Guys home warranty. We covers repair and replacement of most major home appliances including washers, dryers, ice makers, garage door openers, and more.


Real estate professionals

Home Warranty Guys not only cover home system and appliance for home owners but we also help real estate companies by offering our home warranty for their real estate property. Most people looking for a home are more likely to purchase a home that has home systems and appliance cover. Buyers are less concerned with additional home owner costs when their home systems and appliances are covered, Home Warranty Guys will take the burden of worrying about your home appliance and systems. We can help real estate professionals sell the homes faster with our home warranty cover. With Home Warranty Guys, sellers are protected while their homes are on the market and the new home owners have confidence in your homes.

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Home Warranty

Home Warranty Guys has the experience, strength and stability of a leader in the home warranty industry. We provide affordable comprehensive home warranty coverage to protect your home's major systems and appliances. Our service department is available 24/7/and our large network of reliable, independent prescreened contractors provides fast, friendly service.

How our home warranty cover works

When your home appliances and system are worn out or are not working as they are supposed to, call us on 888-320-4449 and we will immediately assign a screened local contractor to attend to you in the shortest time possible. Your appliances or system parts that are worn out will either be repaired or replaces depending with the level of damage. The good news is that you do not have to pay the contractor since Home Warranty Guys will cover all the repair and replacement charges required. Is it not great to live without the fear of some of the most important home appliances in your home breaking down when you least expect and do not have enough money for repair and replacement? Home Warranty Guys gives you that joy and freedom from worrying about the cost of repairing and replacing the parts in your home systems and appliances. All us today to learn more about our home warranty.

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